Google Ads, SEM & PPC Consultant Based in Vermont

It’s been reported that up to 68% of all Google Ads Paid Search spend is wasted. Whether you’re spending money on unrelated search terms, targeting ads in areas where you don’t do business, not optimizing for conversions, or you’re simply not following best-practices, it can all add up pretty quickly. That’s why it’s important you hire an expert.

Paid search marketing and pay-per-click advertising tends to be the most profitable digital marketing channel for businesses when it’s done right because you’re advertising to a highly-qualified audience who is actively searching for what you’re offering. Target ads by search term, city, region, zip, or household income to reach your perfect audience at the exact right moment.

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Keyword Research

Find out which keywords relevant to your business are most popularly searched online to help determine which search terms we should be prioritizing.

Bid & Budget Management

Manage your spend to a set budget and get regular bid adjustments to ensure we’re never overpaying on keywords and are maximizing results.

Targeting Optimization

Tailor your spend by bidding more or less aggressive for specific geographic regions, states, cities, zip codes, or demographics, and audience interests

Ad Copy & A/B Testing

Test different variations of text ads to determine with a degree of statistical certainty which ad version performs best.

Tracking & Analytics

Custom reports and conversion tracking to monitor how many contact form submissions, phone inquiries, leads or sales have been generated from our efforts

Hey, my name is Mitch Berriman! I’ve been in this industry for over a decade now with a focus on SEO, SEM and pay-per-click advertising.