Results: In just six months of management by Berriman Web Marketing, overall ad spend across all ad channels decreased by 20% while total sales and revenue from advertising increased by 92% and 79% respectively. This ultimately yielded a 60% drop in cost-per-conversion and a 142% increase in return on ad spend for 518 Kitchen.

Client: 518 Kitchen is a frozen entrée delivery service based in New York offering primarily low-carb and keto-friendly meals. In the fall of 2020 518 Kitchen engaged Berriman Web Marketing to help them curb their marketing costs while helping to grow their business. 

Strategy & Execution: In resetting the campaign bid strategies, tailoring bid settings for 518 Kitchen’s campaigns based on historical performance data and analytics, creating a multitude of new ad creatives and running a/b and multi-variate tests at every level, alongside regular account optimizations and real time adjustments, Berriman Web Marketing was able to deliver major improvements in key metrics.

Highlights Aug 20’ – Jan 21’:

  • Reduced combined monthly digital advertising spend by 22%
  • Reduced combined average cost-per-purchase from digital advertising by 60%
  • Increased combined purchases from digital advertising by 92%
  • Increased combined purchase revenue from digital advertising by 79%
  • Improved combined return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by 142%
  • Google Ads:
    • Reduced Google Ads monthly spend by 64.28%
    • Reduced Google Ads avg cost-per-purchase by 66%
    • Increased Google Ads purchases by 6.04%
    • Increased Google Ads purchase revenue by 13%
    • Increased ROAS by 216% or 5.58 percentage points
  • Facebook Ads:
    • Reduced Facebook Ads avg cost-per-purchase by 62%
    • Increased Facebook Ads conversion-rate by 563%
    • Increased Facebook Ads purchases by 229%
    • Increased Facebook Ads purchase revenue by 199%
    • Increased ROAS by 139% to 3.86X

Hey, my name is Mitch Berriman! I’ve been in this industry for over a decade now with a focus on SEO, SEM and pay-per-click advertising.

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