(SEO) Search Engine Optimization Services in Burlington, VT

No matter what industry you’re in, having a stronghold on your search engine referral traffic and keyword rankings has become vital. In a recent study it was shown that just the top five search listings on Google capture more than 65% of search traffic*! Therefore, if you’re not ranking within the top five search listings for a valuable keyword term to your business than you’re likely invisible to the vast majority of your potential customers and losing business.

If you don’t have a significant amount of money to invest into digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization is a great place to start. While you can’t expect instant results like on Google Ads, once your site is well-optimized and showing up prominently in search results for target keyword searches, you’ll be able to capture more organic website traffic without having to pay.

Learn more about what’s included in my services below & request a free consultation to get started.


Keyword Research

Find out which keywords relevant to your business are most popularly searched online to help determine which search terms we should be prioritizing.

Meta Data Optimization

We’ll optimize your website’s content and Meta Data to ensure that your website is relevant for and showing up for your top keyword searches.

Indexation & Crawlability

Minimize crawl errors and broken links on your website to ensure that Google can efficiently crawl and index high-value content without issues.

Link Profile Optimization

Get a link profile analysis and acquire new back links pointing to your website to ensure your website is authoritative and well-referenced online.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Understand how well your site is placing in search results for specific search terms and track our progress over time.

Tracking & Analytics

Custom reports and conversion tracking to monitor how many contact form submissions, phone inquiries, leads or sales have been generated from our efforts

Hey, my name is Mitch Berriman! I’ve been in this industry for over a decade now with a focus on SEO, SEM and pay-per-click advertising.