LinkedIn Advertising Expert in Vermont

Often overlooked in favor of the more popular and obvious social network Facebook, LinkedIn is my recommended avenue for reaching businesses, business owners and decision makers alike online. Over the years LinkedIn has not only grown its user base, now at over 600 million members, but has also improved it’s advertising offerings greatly to rival that of Facebook’s.

Using LinkedIn Advertising you get access to all of the targeting criteria you might expect from the platform with the ability to target ads based on company size, company industry, job title, job seniority and more. You can easily reach those users who you know are integral to the decision making process with a promoted post, carousel or video ad much like what you see on Facebook.

My services include:

  • Overall campaign planning & strategy
  • Campaign build out & initial setup
  • Ad copy and creative asset creation
  • Ongoing maintenance, management & account optimization
  • Regular reporting, analysis & correspondence