Facebook Ads Management Services Based in Vermont

If you know who your target market is or you’re trying to get your product in front of a very specific demographic then Facebook & Instagram ads are your best bet. With Facebook Ads you can target users across the Audience Network based on information that users elect to share on their profiles like age, sex, location, relationship status, life event or other interest.

Facebook is a perfect solution if you have a well defined target audience, a highly demonstrable product or service or if you have a very time-sensitive campaign because of the available targeting options, the fact that there is a visual element attached to each ad post and since there are so many active daily users on Facebook it’s very easy to reach a large audience quickly.

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Custom Audiences & Lookalikes

Use custom audiences to target ads against recent website visitors, exclude recent purchasers from seeing your ads or to create Lookalike Audiences

Bid & Budget Management

Manage your spend to a set budget and get regular bid optimizations to ensure you’re not overpaying on target audiences and are maximizing results.

Targeting Optimization

Tailor your spend by allocating more or less funds for specific target geographic regions, demographics, and/ or audience segments

Ad Creatives & A/B Testing

Test different variations of image ads to determine with a degree of statistical certainty which ad version performs best.

Tracking & Analytics

Custom reports and conversion tracking to monitor how many contact form submissions, phone inquiries, leads or sales have been generated from our efforts

Hey, my name is Mitch Berriman! I’ve been in this industry for over a decade now with a focus on SEO, SEM and pay-per-click advertising.