Results: In the span of just six months of digital marketing management by Berriman Web Marketing, Goddard College was spending nearly 20% less each month on their digital ads through Google & Facebook but producing more than a 400% increase in the conversions or leads referred from digital ads.

Client: Goddard College is a progressive liberal arts college with campuses based in Plainfield, Vermont, Port Townsend, Washington and Seattle Washington offering a suite of undergraduate and post graduate educational programs.

Strategy & Execution: Goddard College decided to work with Berriman Web Marketing starting in December of 2020 after having expressed concerns with the performance of their campaigns and inflating costs of overall digital marketing. After conducting a full audit it was discovered that there were a number of issues plaguing Goddard’s advertising accounts that were affecting the effectiveness of their campaigns and inflating costs.

In reconfiguring their conversion tracking to only track and optimize for key events not just click events, cutting spend on poorer performing ad networks liked the Google Display Network, refining bid strategies, and introducing new creatives on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, alongside regular account optimizations and bid adjustments, Berriman Web Marketing was able to dramatically improve results while cutting costs.

Highlights – Dec 19 – Jun 20:

  • Reduced combined digital advertising monthly spend by 19.70%
  • Reduced combined digital advertising cost-per-conversion by 85%
  • Increased combined conversions from digital advertising by 437%
  • Google Ads:
    • Reduced Google Ads total monthly spend by 64%
    • Reduced Google Ads avg cost-per-conversion by 71%
    • Increased Google Ads conversion rate by 175%
    • Increased Google Ads conversions by 25%
  • Facebook Ads:
    • Increased monthly conversions by ∞% from 0 to 144
    • Increased conversion rate by ∞% from 0% to 3.00%

Hey, my name is Mitch Berriman! I’ve been in this industry for over a decade now with a focus on SEO, SEM and pay-per-click advertising.